The Cynical Cleric Sez

Stuart, Florida, United States
Interests: (82)
42, ac/dc, action movies, alternate history, alternative rock, anberlin, biking, blind guardian, blue oyster cult, books, bowling, british humor, chuck kloisterman, computer games, conservative democratic socialism, dinosaurs, dominion, dork tower, dual pistolas, elephant stompy, fantasy football, fark, firefly, flag football, football, games, gaming, geeky, geocaching, geography, harry potter, history, iron maiden, jet, judas priest, kayaking, laser tag, libraries, lord of the rings, magic the gathering, maps, metallica, miami dolphins, military history, miniature golf, movies, mst3k, mtg, music, nerdy, non-smokers, peace through superior firepower, pizza, politics, pro wrestling, puns, quotations, ravenclaw, reading, referential humor, rhyming, rifftrax, risk, sarcasm, sci-fi, scorpio, scott keith, serenity, settlers of catan, soccer, starcraft, sunsets, super smash brothers, tmq, tnm7, traveling, trillian, trivia, ufc, ultimate frisbee, wikipedia, xkcd
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